Thursday, January 05, 2006

new year . . . new blog

I love blogger, but it has it's limitations. I have decided to move my main blog over to WordPress has categories, I want categories, I need categories, with categories I can combine 3 blogs into one and you all can look at what you are interested in by choosing the category . . . sewing, knitting, those cute kids, etc. Please come and visit me here:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

i found them

After searching and searching . . . I finally found them; the illusive Sewing Blogs. Ok, actually I found one and that one had a link to a small sewing web ring. Woohoo, now I can waste more time online. lol

Monday, January 02, 2006

i'm in love!

I have spent a large a large portion of the day (and a few hours yesterday evening) cleaning and de-cluttering the sewing/craft/computer room while listening to various (bad) TV shows. While taking a break I hopped over to The Blue Blog where Alison was extolling the virtues of her new iPod and talking of these wonderful new fangled things called pod casts. Holey Moley, where have I been?!?! I have spent most of the evening continuing to de-clutter while listening to Cast-on, I am hooked. I took a look thru the skins on my media player and found a cute one that made me laugh. (note what's playing)

sewing blogs?

Since I have been contemplating starting to do some sewing again, the kids keep growing (darn them), I thought I would take a look at some sewing blogs to see what people were sewing these days. Ummm, one problem, no sewing blogs. Ok, that's not true, I found a handful, but in the knitting world there are thousands of them out there. Am I just looking in the wrong places or have blogs just not taken off in the sewing world like they have in the knitting world?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Reflections in Yarn 05

1. List your finished objects, or just list your favorite FO: I have listed my FOs for '05 here. As for a favorite that is a hard one, but I think I really enjoyed making the Kitty Pi the most, I think it's more the idea of it. 2. List your works in progress: still on the needles: button, button baby sweater & socks for hubby, Esther Williams for Aunt Pris off the needles, but need finishing: KPS cardigan for Son that still needs a zipper and to have the ends woven in Though it doesn't look like much in progress, I am sad to say I have lots of zipper bags, yarn and pattern contained within, just waiting to be started. 3. What skeletons are in your knitting basket? I don't think I have been knitting long enough for real skeletons, maybe next year. 4. What's your favorite project? This year's favorite project was prolly these baby booties. I knit them up as a break from a pair of socks I had reknit 3 times, they went together perfectly and were just the thing I needed to regain my sanity and finish the socks. 5. What project(s) will you never knit again? I didn't finish too many projects this year, but I don't think there are any I would totally write off. Unless the experience was so excruciating that I have totally blocked it from my memory. 6. What was your major knitting accomplishment for the last year? Sock, socks, and more socks . . . . 7. What's your favorite yarn from the last year? Debbie Bliss Cashmerino . . . it's crack. 8. What's your favorite yarn overall? Cascade 220, you just can't beat it for the value. 9. What new knitting techniques have you learned? i-cord bind-off, felting, 3 needle bind-off, knitting from a chart, stripes in the round 10. What are your knitting goals for 2006?
  • Knit a sweater for me.
  • Work with a sock pattern until I can get it to fit my wide feet, high instep, and thick ankles.
  • Finish at least one project a month.
  • Not buy more yarn. When I started buying yarn I intended to keep my stash to a specific size, I want it to get back down to that size again. I have enough projects waiting for me I should be able to get quite a bit accomplished before needing to purchase any more yarn. Let's try for 6 months.
  • Knit a shawl, or many shawls for holiday gifts next year if all goes well.