Friday, December 30, 2005

I started going thru my fabric yesterday. I almost gave myself a panic attack, little bit of crazy leaking out. Guess I'm worse off, about this fabric hoarding thing, than I thought. I had shortness of breath, my heart was beating fast, my hands were tingling and I had this need to run away from the situation. I took some Rescue Remedy and I'm feeling much better now. I'm starting with the flannel, all that flannel for diapers I never made, ended up just buying CPFs. I probably have 3 large storage bins worth of flannel and I am aiming to get it down to 1 bin of larger cuts for pajamas for the kids. I forgot how cute some of these prints are, man, I should have gotten my act together and sewn up those diapers or made some baby quilts! I was talking to J on the phone while I was sorting and I found almost 7 yds of white birdseye, she offered to buy it, so Hubby is dropping it of at her place on his way home from work tonight. The Great Fabric Purging 2005/2006 is up 7 2/3yds ( I found a one+ yard piece of slinky in her colors I threw in).


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