Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Finishing projects has taken a big blow this week. I started the sock for the Socknitters beginnerSAM and I didn’t like it so didn’t finish that (gonna rip it). Started the sock for the Socknitter interSAM but because I have thick ankles I made it with a #2 instead of a #1, but I don’t like the way the fabric is knitting up, finished the lace part and everything, now I’m gonna have to start over with #1 and add an extra repeat, sigh. I also started Branching Out, but I can only work on that when the kids are asleep, I have to be able to concentrate since I am new to lace knitting. I have signed up for too many KALs so I think I am going to drop a couple, I can always come back to them later when the pressure is off. I think I’m going to drop Kiri for now, I don’t have the yarn I want to use for it right now and I have too many other projects I want to get finished. The Mystery Stole Along is almost over so I will go ahead and drop it too, I do want to make it one day, just not now. So, that will leave on the needles:
  1. Clapotis
  2. Branching Out
  3. Old Shale socks (interSAM)
  4. KPS Easy Childrens Socks in Grey Woolease for my son.

. . . seems like something is missing . . .

I started the socks for my son because I was feeling down about not having any projects . . . shoot . . . my son just walked into the room with my knitting needles, the ones that are supposed to be IN HIS SOCKS!!


Anonymous katie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I had fun looking at your Things I'm trying to do list. I'd also like to read all the HP books before I get the 6th... but I have not started yet. I've preordered here in town, though, and I'm leaving town for a week and a half on Friday, so I think I can read at least a couple before I return to my reserved copy.

7/10/2005 11:09:00 AM  

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