Friday, July 01, 2005

knitting and sewing, oh my!

Wednesday I finished DD's poncho. The pattern was a bit confusing at the end, as what you knit is different from the picture with the pattern. The pic shows the poncho in stockinette with fringe on the edge, but when you knit the pattern it has you knit several rows of garter stitch along the edge and then add the fringe. I thought the garter stitch edge made a nice finish by its self so I didn't add the fringe. I wonder if the pattern was meant to be written as an either/or, either the garter stitch edge or stockinette with the fringe. I started the scallop sock for the Socknitter's BeginnerSAM wednesday night after reading all the cautions posted at BeginnerSAM. I decided to keep the 40 stitch cast on but to make the socks for my daughter, the KPS basic kids sock is a 36 stitch cast on (I think) in her size. Last night I finished the leg of the sock, but as I was knitting it all I could think about was all those scallops getting caught on things. I messed up the heel flap, did sl1 k1 p1 instead of sl1 p1 k1, so when I picked up the stitches for the gusset the flap looks lopsided. I am half-way down the foot of the sock and I think I am just going to rip it out. I just don't like the sock. OK, maybe it's because I'm, knitting it on 2 cirs and this is the first time I've done that, and I seem to be knitting tighter on the circs than I do on the dpns so I kind of have to fight the stitches from one end of the circ to the other (kwim?). I am actually considering getting rid of my 2 circs book and the sock size circ needles . . . Maybe I'll try a plain sock on the 2 circs to see it that is any better, like a 2x2 or 3x2 rib. On the sewing front, I did sew up one if the sundresses, I had cut out for DD, yesterday morning. It fits her but I don't think I will be making up this pattern again, the neckline is too wide and it just doen't look right to me. I'll go pattern diving later today and find something else to make for her.


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