Tuesday, December 06, 2005

knitting and felting and blocking . . . oh my

Yesterday, I felted one of the purses and blocked it. Woohoo, a FO! or maybe not. I pulled it off the blocking and it's still a bit flacid . . . one more trip thru the washer I think. Last night while watching the football game (Go, Seahawks!) I got quite a bit done on the Kitty Pi v. 3.0. Then I stayed up until I finished it, only 1 am or so.

This morning I threw the Kitty Pi and the other purse into the washer and decided to add a teapot full off boiling water . . . wow, that sped things up. I have a front loader so sometimes it takes longer to get things to felt up the way I like. They are both blocked and drying in the bathroom with the heater on. I'm excited to see how the Kitty Pi turns out.


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