Friday, September 30, 2005

patterns are up

The patterns for the SocknittersSAM are up! WooHoo . . . stash diving time has arrived! I will be doing the Beginner socks for sure, my daughter will love them. I don't know if I will do one of each or just decide on one of the patterns and knit a matching pair. I will try and do the Intermediate socks if I have time. I have never done a toe up sock and it would be good to learn. The Advanced socks are actually ones I suggested to the mods, but they had already been looking at it for this SAM. I will try these for sure. The Colorworks socks (the HP socks in the free patterns section) . . . holey cow! . . . no way am I ready for these . . . VERY cool, but I am so not ready. For the Inspiration Socks I think I will do a pair of Halloween socks for each of my kids using the Beginner pattern . . . maybe I will end up makeing all three pairs of the beginner socks, one for the BeginnerSAM and the other two for the InspirationSAM.


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